Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Skin Whitening Cream Face Care

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  • Liquid collagen: Perfect skin care. 
  • The precious ingredients include: raw materials, cleaning blossom, and more. Every drop of the priceless cream is suitable for your skin. 
  • Absolute Security: fully equivalent to human collagen, easy to penetrate and is absolutely safe. No allergic reactions. 
  • Fast Absorption: 83% of the highest concentration of fast-absorbing effect of closing the skin can be done in one second. 
  • Smart Anti-Aging: The anti-aging factor function smartly penetrates into the skin. 
  • Numerator: the skin is a combination of molecules on the surface to form a locking film and small molecules of water on the skin.

How does it work?
  • Skin texture achieved by using this cream is smooth, flat ,translucent and strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier. 
  • Solve the root causes of skin aging: wrinkles gradually fade and then disappear 
  • Smartly balances the skin's oil and moisture ratio, using rapid invasion of the deep skin layers. 
  • Inhibition of the reactive oxygen species gene: improve skin laxity and slow the aging process of the skin. 
  • Includes snail liquid, giving the skin newborn energy, the almighty solution to solving skin problems. 
  • By penetrating in-depth skin layers, automatically locking internal dry skin problems can only be based on repairing skin cells, whitening them and using the penetration methods to renew the dead cells. 
  • Effective wound repair: help the skin against free radicals, with lock water, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, stimulating the cell regeneration role. 
  • Helps get rid of the old skin, accelerate cell regeneration, reduce wrinkles and scars. 

How to use

In order to avoid contact with air and liquid resulting in oxidation products, use the liquid sealed packaging.
  1. Open the packaging. 
  2. Break apart the plastic cover up. 
  3. Remove the aluminum foil lid. 
  4. Unscrew the cap. 
  5. install drippers. 
  6. Gently drop 2 drops on your skin. 
  7. Nourish your skin. 
  8. After cleansing, take the appropriate face paint. 
  9. Massage the skin using your hands. 
  10. Can be used around the eye skin, eliminating dark circles play a role. 
  11. Massage until the liquid is completely absorbed by the skin.

Applies to:
  • Dry skin: efficient replenishment water lock, supple and shiny skin. 
  • Sensitive skin: skin care, strengthens skin and build up a protection layer. 
  • Damaged skin: fight against skin aging, smooth fine lines. 
  • Acne skin: acne scar repair , enhance skin elasticity

Preservation methods:
  • Previously unopened product shelf life is three years. 
  • After opening the product, shelf life is six months. 
  • This product is a high-purity raw material liquid nature. 
  • It must be stored at room temperature, about 20 degrees in the shade or be placed in the refrigerator to avoid contact with air. Open bottle products become deteriorated.


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